Bingo Rules

As with any game, rules are in place to be followed and are the most important part of the game. Some Bingo rules vary depending on where you play (online or offline) and also depending on the type if Bingo game you're playing. It’s always advisable to check before you play. Generally, all Online Bingo Sites list their own rules and Terms and Conditions on their website for players to read up on
before they begin.

Buying your Bingo Card - Then What?

Whether you're playing Online Bingo or at a Bingo Hall, you'll start off by buying a Bingo ticket or card. The ticket is a square piece of paper and will comprise of a square grid on it. It is a 5x5 Grid and each of the five columns represents BINGO. The middle square is left blank and the rest of the squares are filled with random numbers, ranging from 1- 75 (or depending on what game you're playing as sometimes it can differ). You play with your own unique card that you buy.

In the columns of the Bingo ticket, the numbers are selected at random and printed according to the range that they lie in. For example, the numbers in the ‘B’ column will be numbers 1 – 15. See below

  • B - Numbers are between 1 and 15
  • I - Numbers are between 16 and 30
  • N - Numbers are between 31 and 45
  • G - Numbers are between 46 and 60
  • O - Numbers are between 61 and 76

Bingo Caller: "Let the Game Begin"

So you may be sitting in a Bingo Hall or on your laptop on at home just about to start a game of online Bingo. Whether it will be online or offline, the same rules apply next: a Bingo Caller will start to call out numbers, at random. When a number is called that appears on your ticket – you crossed it off.

This is when it gets really exciting as the race will begin to finish a line or a full house (when a player has a full house that means all the numbers are covered on the ticket) If you are lucky enough to beat your opponents and shout ‘Call’ before anyone else – you are the winner of that game.. It’s that simple!

Remember that playing bingo, whether online bingo or offline bingo halls, should be for entertainment purposes only and only play with what you can afford to lose.